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Product Packaging design templates style is one amongst the foremost vital aspects of product promoting and also the promoting combine for physical merchandise. once shoppers head to a food market or a store, they are doing not see associate degree innovative product or a tasty item of food. What they see is the packaging. the bulk of shopping for selections area unit created ahead of the shelf. Having a gorgeous, distinctive nevertheless sensible packaging style may be a key competitive advantage for makers and retailers.

We’re that includes 20+ ennobling Product packaging templates PSD style concepts, a number of that are recognized within the Pent awards, a worldwide competition solely dedicated to packaging style. Enjoy!

Types of packaging:

  • Motley Bird

The design for Motley Bird’s packaging, associate degree energy drink oversubscribed in bars and nightclubs and used as a mixer, uses casual, hand-drawn art and matte colors product mockup — a departure from the daring, shiny colors and art wont to represent intensity and energy in most energy drinks.

  • Method Mop Packaging

Method’s Mop line of floor cleanup fluids area unit manufactured from recycled paper and bamboo fiber in order that Packaging design template they’re compostable and reusable. the methodology doesn’t conceal the recycled look of the paper packaging, however, uses fashionable labels to send the message that it’s cool to be environmentally acutely aware shipping companies boxes

Cashew insane Packaging style

Nature’s Best roast Cashews employs a novel package structure and {style} style that appeals to upmarket customers. fruit packaging ideas The message sent by the package is clear: these aren’t your uncle’s drinking insane.

  • Wild Bird Store

All Seasons Wild Bird Store markets its free mockups product to bird enthusiasts and life watchers, a market somewhere in between casual cockatiel house owners and skilled breeders. The native visual kind of the package appeals to the present a lot of concerned and showing emotion endowed client market phase.

Cake Slice on the Go & gift wrapping ideas

These cake slices area unit playfully prepackaged to appear as if they’ve been Packaging design template brought home as leftovers when a celebration.

  • Holli Mole

This organic flour package style may be a deviation from the script typography and inexperienced and brown shades typically used within the organic market phase. Here, tie packaging ideas we have a tendency to see the juxtaposition of the logo’s script against the sturdy, fashionable gothic font used for the merchandise name, and equally, the strength of the blueness against the matching however abundant softer pastel blue.

  • Recycled Material

This detergent is oversubscribed in a very package created fully out of recycled client plastics. What makes them unique? They don’t in the slightest degree look recycled — they give the impression of being manufacturing plant new.

  • Wood

Clever food packaging the package style for Wood uses real wood to allow the fragrance a way of nature, Packaging design template typically absent among perfumes in favor of fresh, civilized glass.

Ear Phones in Cardboard Packaging

These headphones steer away from the standard plastic and glossed cardboard packaging for natural philosophy accessories and use 100 percent reusable cardboard. Not solely is that this packaging tried and true, it stands to get in an ocean of white packaging at the natural philosophy store.

Little Bug & box design templates

Little Bug packaging design inspiration may be a baby food created with native, seasonal ingredients and prepackaged in a very reusable plastic. the look uses homely, small-town typography and colors related to organic food to charm to oldsters World Health Organization care concerning the supply of the food they feed their kids.

Toiled from the Soil

Toiled from the Packaging design template Soil packaging uses soft colors, steering away from green-on-brown palettes, and older block typefaces that end up in a novel wrestle organic food packaging.

  • Thomas Haas Chocolate

Product packaging design companies Thomas Haas chocolates use custom molds designed to make sure no 2 items area unit constant, to form sharing them fun. The branded windows of the chocolate box showcase the distinctiveness of every piece from the shop shelf to make stickers.

Beer Can

This can of brewage bearing a Swiss minimalist style and that includes, of course, font what you expect to ascertain in your native liquor store’s brewage electric refrigerator.

  • 60 Bag

The sixty Bag may be a paper bag that biodegrades in sixty days. The daring colors and fashionable typography appeals to younger audiences World Health Organization tend to think about the dappled brown of most reusable popcorn boxes or perishable fiber product as out.

  • Eco-drive

Product packaging examples A very distinctive USB drive encased in wood rather than plastic and prepackaged in recycled cardboard.

  • Coca Cola Al Bottle

This Coca-Cola bottle will away with the aging look of contoured glass and replaces it with a minimalist style on a shiny red canvas, worn by a sleek Al bottle freed from contours.

  • Six Scents

These scents area unit a line of perfumes developed as collaborations between fashion designers and perfumers. The packaging, by three Deep styles, provides every fragrance a tactile sense as a nod to the involvement of fashion designers.

  • Paper Bottle

The 360 Paper Bottle is that the initial actually property different from plastic bottles for beverages. It is formed is love plastic bottles to convey a way of durability.

  • I love Eco

I love Eco’s package styles area unit systematically branded, however, every style incorporates visual components referencing the food at intervals into components of the whole like the guts.

Cool Packaging Companies

  • Wine Packaging

This wine packaging transforms from in-store show to carry-able packaging. this is often a motivating style of convenience, and its spectacular enough in innovation to overshadow the dearth of aesthetic particularization.

  • Alkaline Battery

These batteries from the house of loud, colorful and offensive product style, Japan, was designed by Stockholm style with a decidedly Swiss look — and nearly by necessity that includes font.

  • Frigg’s Eco choice

Frigg’s Eco teas use distinctive typography for every selection to specify the characteristics of the tea within — within the example higher than, mixed fonts provides a sense of playfulness to match the fruity flavor of rosehip berry tea.

  • Fiesta

DIY food packaging ideas The speech bubbles on party snack packages area unit color-coded per what’s within, with a keen window in order that the skeptical shopper will verify.


We hope you enjoyed this assortment of packaging designer styles for your inspiration. Remember, suppose outside the box — or maybe a lot of suitably, the package! consider the materials you’ll be able to use, the utility of the packaging and also the impression it’ll leave the potential customers. an all-time low line is: will this facilitate sell the product?