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In order to cope with modern day packaging expectations, the packaging industry is continuously undergoing innovational processes. These processes also include consideration of the ways to make changes happen in an effective way. Improvements of convenience, sustainability, aesthetics, and shelf-life increase etc. all need consideration. In our previous article, we ended up with 3D branding. Touching it to the least we will proceed with further trends.

3D Branding

3D branding as discussed earlier is mimicking shapes on tubes or something that can replicate the bottle’s shape or that of a box. 3D is like magic. We call it to sleeve labeling that offers the larger canvas to companies with which these can communicate to their potential customers. We have been providing 3D packaging and are still working on it for innovative thoughts for our customers. You will experience an entirely new style for the shaping of packaging boxes for your soft drinks. We create shapes & effects that are far superior to conventional bottles. With new technology in our preference we can help you make a larger scale, bottle packaging for your soft drinks with perfection in the faster & cost-efficient way.  You can proudly use our packaging for promoting & complementing your brand and make it stand out among all competitors. Our latest packaging products are indeed best and greener alternatives to those of plastics which are easily printed.

Soft Pouch Packaging

Soft pouches are a good replacement for the traditional bottles & cans for soft drinks. This trend is getting rapid popularity over few past years. Many soft-drinks brands have shifted their packaging style to pouch-packaging. Pouch packaging has many advantages. These are lightweight and require less material. These also reduce the carbon impact of the manufacturing process. These are environmental benefits but these actually turn into benefits of production & distribution with reduced cost of materials and increase in efficiency of distribution. It is a lighter and compact option for packaging than other options. Not only soft drinks but also alcoholic drinks are following this pouch packaging trend.

Nano-Bricks And Extended Shelf-Life

Nano-bricks is one of the innovative ways of packaging. It is getting popular due to its ability to enhance shelf-life. Nano-bricks packaging comprises of 70 percent clay with minute polymers amounts that make it environment-friendly more than those current plastics. Film underlying for making these Nano-bricks is very thin, say, thinner than the human hair. Sodas can retain their fizz and hence shelf-life also increases. This packaging is also a hundred times extra oxygen-impermeable as compared to silicon-oxide coatings used for existing soft drinks packaging.

Sleeve Labels

This packaging provides larger canvass than existing adhesive labels. These labels are shrunk onto the bottles for covering the entire surface, these are also suitable for containers with irregular shapes. Sleeve labels are also useful from the marketing perspective. These also provide more space for providing more information about products to the customers.

Check which of these better meet your needs. New innovative products are being introduced with better features and environment-friendly nature. Stay tuned to find which you should choose and let us be at your service.

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